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Secure sexting between anonymous singles.


An online service without geolocation.


A 100% encrypted and secure app.


Exchange sext messages with singles.

Our priority: The Security

Our goal is to provide you with a secure platform for an optimal experience.


Encrypted exchanges

Verified Profiles


Impossible Screenshots

Sex is not just physical, it’s not just penetration. It is much more than that. It’s about opening up and sharing common desires. The anonymity combined with a virtual experience, provides an unforgettable excitement.



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How to Sext ?

Here are some steps that will take you to the gates of paradise

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Create a 100% anonymous profile, fill in a first name and your desires, you have never been so close to sexter!


Select the profiles which correspond to you, when two profiles are mutually liked the conversation can start!

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Exchange erotic messages and media in a completely secure conversation.

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Easy and without tomorrow

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The Benefits of Sexting